About us

A place of singular beauty, where the sun discovers colours of vibrant intensity, the generous land unhurriedly reveals the best it has to offer and where the people are the symbol of its history. It is in this land of wild and calm beauty, where nature and tranquillity merge, that the wines of Herdade da Comporta are produced.

Herdade da Comporta is one of Portugal’s largest agricultural estates, situated to the south of the Tróia Peninsula with a nine-kilometre frontage to the Atlantic coast and bordered to the north by the estuary of the River Sado. The estate extends over eleven thousand hectares, where the sandy soils combined with the proximity of the sea make for a unique location for planting vines and producing wine.

The vineyard


The vineyards on sandy soils, embraced by the breath of the Atlantic, give our wines their unique characteristics. They are located in a valley protected by pine forests, in the middle of an ecological reserve, where you can feel the proximity of the sea. The sandy soils, lacking in nutrients, provide moderate water stress, resulting in low yields, with a high concentration of aromatic precursors and phenolic compounds, thus obtaining grapes with a unique quality.